At WORKTERRA, the power of YES is ingrained in our software and our culture. We constantly seek out ways to improve the quality of our product. When it comes to our clients’ needs, each and every request is important. We start from a position of ”YES” – Proactive. Enthusiastic. Quick to Respond.

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100% Organic

Our amazingly flexible technology is built from the inside out on a platform we designed, own, and continue to enrich through our innovation and passion.

100% Organic
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Cloud-Based Delivery

By eliminating the purchase requirement of hardware, software, or a database, we are able to provide our clients a lower cost, much more reliable solution.

Cloud-Based Delivery
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Fully Configurable

WORKTERRA is built to accommodate the needs of any organizations unique requirements, no matter how simple or complex.

Fully Configurable
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One Implementation

Our rapid deployment capabilities allow us to deliver a full implementation of any of our applications in 90 days or less.

One Implementation
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Mobile Access

WORKTERRA’s proprietary iOS and Android mobile applications offer a convenient way to complete tasks and manage personal information on a wide range of mobile devices.

Mobile Access

End the complexity, remove the tedium,
and reduce the time needed for
benefits administration and talent management

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Our Solutions

No matter the size of your company, WORKTERRA makes life easier, less confusing, and more efficient for HR and employees.

One system. One login. No outsourcing. No third-party apps.

Source & Select Top Candidates

Empowering Employers, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers to take control of the entire recruiting lifecycle, while offering applicants a convenient way to apply for a position and monitor their status throughout the hiring process.

Key Features:

  • -   Applicant Tracking
  • -   Job Publishing, Sharing & Sourcing
  • -   Pre-Screening & Interview Management
  • -   Candidate Dashboard
  • -   Reports & Analytics
Source & Select Top Candidates

From New Hire To Engaged Employee

Develop engaged and productive employees from the start. Create efficient and effective processes for the management and employee completion of PreBoard, OnBoard, CrossBoard and OffBoard tasks: all through a single, unified application.

Key Features:

  • -   PreBoarding Tour
  • -   OnBoarding Tour
  • -   CrossBoarding Tour
  • -   OffBoarding Tour
From New Hire To Engaged Employee

Manage. Communicate. Educate. Enroll.

Designed to alleviate the complexities commonly associated with benefit administration, benefit enrollment, and Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance; administrators and employees are provided an intuitive, easy-to-use application to manage and complete the benefit election process.

Key Features:

  • -   HR Admin Self-Service
  • -   Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • -   Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dashboard
  • -   Employee Self-Service
  • -   Decision Support Tools
  • -   Enhanced Communications
Manage. Communicate. Educate. Enroll.

Put Employees Back In Charge

Employers are offered a new way to manage health care costs and provide a wider range of benefit options to employees. An interactive shopping experience, recommendation engine and decision support tools engage the increasingly web-savvy employee.

Key Features :

  • — HR Admin Self-Service
  • — Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • — Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dashboard
  • — Employee Self-Service
  • — Decision Support Tools
  • — Recommendation Engine
Put Employees Back In Charge

Empowering a Healthy Workforce

WORKTERRA Wellness delivers a fresh and innovative way to engage employees in your organization’s wellness initiatives. The fully configurable application simplifies wellness program management while encouraging employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle; in a constant effort to minimize health care costs.

Key Features :

  • -   Health Assessments & Biometric Screenings
  • -   Activity Calendar
  • -   Communications
  • -   Gamification
  • -   Social Sharing
Empowering a Healthy Workforce

Affordable Care Act Compliance

WORKTERRA’s proprietary software tools have been designed to deliver a strategic snapshot of Health Care Reform’s impact on your business. Our Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dashboard is designed to minimize the confusion commonly associated with healthcare administration and provides a fully configurable solution to help with compliance concerns.

Key Features :

  • -   Look Back / Stability / Administrative Periods & Modeling Tools.
  • -   Applicable Large Employer (ALE)
  • -   Eligibility Trends
  • -   ACA Reporting and Analytics
    •   W-2 Reporting
    •   IRS 6055 / IRS 6056: Forms 1094 and 1095
    •   Safe Harbors
    •   Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Fee
Affordable Care Act Compliance

Affordable Care Act Compliance

WORKTERRA’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dashboard is built to minimize the confusion commonly associated with healthcare administration and provides a highly configurable solution to help with compliance concerns. Proprietary software tools have been designed to deliver a strategic snapshot of Health Care Reform’s impact on your business.

  • IRS 6056: Forms 1094 and 1095
  • IRS 6055
  • W-2 Reporting
  • Safe Harbors
  • PCORI Fee
Reporting & Analytics
  • Look-Back / Administrative / Stability Periods
  • Look - Back / Stability Period Modeling
  • Eligibility Trends
  • Applicable Large Employer (ALE)
  • FTE Estimator
Eligibility Status & Tracking
  • Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC)
  • Exchange Notification
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Limits
  • Wellness Program Management
Additional Compliance Tools
ACA Report Analytics-Reporting & Analytics

What Our Clients Are Saying

One of the most important reasons we chose WORKTERRA was their drive and openness to continue to improve and add features to an already impressive site. Having been in this market for a few years, I have seen many tools built to a good current state, then not evolve with the marketplace. This is a space that constantly needs new features due to carriers creating new plan types, evolving employee engagement and government regulations. WORKTERRA is consistently investing in their tool to make it the best it can be and stay ahead of the market needs.

Nick Balestriere, Product Owner, OnlinEnroll -- UnitedHealth Group --

The ease of use, flow and visual display of WORKTERRA is modern and consistent. WORKTERRA is nimble and ahead of the game with technology. They are constantly updating and making changes to stay with the times.

-- Premier Consulting Associates, LLC --

We’re excited about the opportunities WORKTERRA BenAdmin provides our employees and benefits administrators. Our drivers have the convenience of accessing and enrolling in benefits regardless of their location, and the application streamlines our tracking and record-keeping processes. It’s a win-win.

Holly McCormick, Talent Office Director -- Groendyke Transport Inc. --

The WORKTERRA platform is a very sophisticated benefits management tool and is a real workhorse! It supports not only enrollment, but also ongoing administration of all the benefits our clients manage. This includes support for billing, carrier transmittals, eligibility and rules policing, payroll interface, and reporting functions to support ACA requirements. The transition for our clients in mid-year has been very smooth and the support form EBS during the process has been all we could ask for. We are truly excited about our partnership and the extensive capabilities we can now deliver to our clients.

Eric Kiesshauer, President -- Clear Concepts Consulting Group --

By adopting WORKTERRA, we have been able to simplify our benefits and HR processes drastically..By using WORKTERRA's importing and exporting processes, we are able to integrate WORKTERRA with other software that we use daily for payroll and HR.

Katie Cronin, Human Resources & Benefits Coordinator -- Marquette Transportation Company --

WORKTERRA was the perfect partner for us as we transition to a leaner and more self-directed organization. With HR responsibilities streamlined in a single application, our administrators can better manage the employee benefit enrollment process. WORKTERRA’s mobile accessibility offers our employees the convenience of managing their personal information from anywhere. We are truly excited about our partnership and the extensive capabilities we can now deliver to our employees.

Dan McFall, C.O.O. -- Stimson Lumber Company --

We wanted to work with a company that fits our culture, that could address our need for customization because of how we operate..We wanted to have more of a family feel. WORKTERRA's customization ability, their desire to make something we needed for us – that was what sold us more than anything else.

Chris Hallman, Manager of Benefits -- Austin Industries --

It’s a very easy system to work with. It’s customizable, which is fantastic for us with our employee population, and the customer service is fantastic. What they do, they do very well.

-- Jesse Puett, HR Analyst --
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