Workterra Announces New Logo, Positions for Benefits Tech Innovation with Human Focus

Notice anything different?

13th July 2021

2021 has already brought many exciting updates for Workterra including a new President, the release of a new user interface for employee benefits enrollment, product enhancements, expanded sales/marketing efforts, and all-around growth throughout our teams. So – we decided it was time to refresh our logo and brand to symbolize this exciting new era and our commitment to constant innovation and service excellence for our clients and their employees.

Check it out:

HR Dashboard
HR Dashboard

While there have been no ownership or organizational changes, the goal of this refresh was to reflect our values and who we are as a company: a forward-thinking, energetic, and dedicated partner to each of our clients. The use of bright colors and joyful human imagery also aligns our brand with the happy, productive and positive workplace we help HR foster.

At the end of the day, benefits are about helping people, and everything we do is focused on improving the entire benefits experience for HR and employees.

Our Logo’s Meaning

The yellow “arrow” in the W of Workterra symbolizes three aspects of our purpose:

  1. A bridge or connection. Our technology and services connect employers with their employees through benefits. Our platform also connects employees with their benefits both during enrollment and throughout the year via their benefits dashboard. Benefits are one of the most critical touchpoints of the employer/employee relationship, and we are proud to help our clients make this connection a great experience for everyone involved.

  2. Progress. The upward arrow also symbolizes our value of constant innovation, improvement and problem solving. Our culture of “YES” is ingrained in both our software and culture. It means we go the extra mile to meet the unique needs of our clients. We don’t back down from challenges, and we pride ourselves in taking them head on. We believe handling the “dirty work” or administrative complexity is where our core value lies. In partnership with our clients, we constantly seek ways to improve and help them reach new heights.

  3. Terra, or foundation. What does “Workterra” mean anyway? Terra is Latin for “earth” or “foundation”. Our purpose is to empower our clients with a foundation or platform that redefines what “work” means for HR. Our software and services alleviate mundane administrative tasks so HR can focus on strategic initiatives like talent recruiting/retention, growth, and building an engaging, fulfilling workplace.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for larger-scale website updates, new content and campaigns centered on helping HR understand the benefits technology landscape. Our rapid growth continues, and our teams are gearing up for another successful open enrollment season. We’re happy to have you along for the ride!

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