What’s the Latest at Workterra? 2020 Open Enrollment Success, Product Enhancements, Rapid Growth and More

05th May 2021

Over the past several months, Workterra’s teams have been laser-focused on helping clients overcome COVID-19 challenges, delivering a successful open enrollment experience, building product and operational enhancements and bolstering our sales, marketing and leadership teams as we prepare for rapid growth in 2021.

During 2020’s open enrollment, Workterra achieved an exceptional rate of success for our clients amid a year of unprecedented challenges:

100% of Workterra clients reported being satisfied with their open enrollment experience

100% of files were released in time to ensure no eligibility issues and timely release of ID cards

100% of clients said their Client Executive was either “responsive” or “very responsive” in answering questions or resolving issues

100% of client sites went live into open enrollment on time

In addition to meeting or exceeding client deliverables, our service teams went above and beyond to ensure clients had everything they needed to communicate benefits to their employees as they shifted to a remote workforce, including recording custom educational videos.

Jackie Sivigny, SVP of Operations at Workterra, recalled, “2020 was a tough year for all our clients, so our goal was to proactively ensure their needs were met while reducing their stress and workload as much as possible. I am so proud of the way our team stepped up to deliver a great experience, and with 2020 behind us, we are excited for a year of growth and continued innovation to increase our value to our clients.”

Workterra’s configurability, personalized online benefits enrollment experience, and dedicated service teams help employers manage growing benefits complexity, serve a larger remote workforce and streamline rapid rehiring. Recent product and operational enhancements have continued to solidify Workterra as a leading benefits administration partner for a post-COVID-19 world:

• Advanced configurability allowing Workterra to swiftly create unique data fields, plan structures, contingencies, payroll frequencies and site content for each employee group without the need for new coding

• Increased automation of our implementation process reduced lead time needed by over 25%, providing new clients with an extremely efficient setup process and current clients with an optimized open enrollment experience with minimal HR lift

• Continued enhancements to reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing clients to view data in real time, easily build and schedule reports using any data field in the system (even user-defined fields), and access a robust library of static reports

• State-level ACA compliance, reporting and fulfillment

As the world shifts back to “normal” in 2021, there is much more to come from Workterra. We will continue to share exciting new announcements as we release product enhancements, grow our teams, refresh our brand, and continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Stay tuned!

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