Stretch holiday spending with 5 clever gifts using leftover FSA funds

Flexible spending accounts are a great way for your employees to enjoy pre-tax savings on common medical expenses, including over the counter products. As we inch toward the end of the year, tis the season for reminding everyone to “use it or lose it” when it comes to FSA balances.

You can certainly encourage your employees to exhaust their FSA funds by stocking up on first aid supplies, pain relievers or a new pair of glasses. But there are some surprisingly fun consumer items that you might not have guessed would be FSA eligible. With the holidays right around the corner, they could make a great gift for a covered dependent (or treat yourself)!


Here are five clever ways you can encourage your employees to get the most out of their FSA funds while checking off holiday gifts for their immediate family.

  • Massage tools
  • Whether you have an active athlete in your household, or an armchair warrior with everyday aches and pains, there are all sorts of unique massage therapy tools that are actually FSA eligible. Options can include vibrating foam rollers, heating pads and wraps, massaging eye masks and percussion massage tools. Online FSA retailers can help you find just the right tool that qualifies! Ahhh!

  • Genetic testing kits
  • Genealogy research upped its game a few years ago with the advent of consumer-direct genetic testing kits. Guess what? Many of these popular kits also offer a health component, making them eligible for a partial FSA reimbursement. If you or your spouse are curious to explore your genetic makeup, this could be the perfect opportunity! Just note that only the health component will be eligible for reimbursement, not ancestry testing.

  • SPF skincare
  • Sunscreens with SPF 15 or higher are FSA eligible, and there are lux skincare options that qualify for FSA reimbursement thanks to their sun-protecting qualities. Think nourishing facial lotions and dewy lip balms from popular brands that would even impress a trend-loving teen! These goodies are especially handy if you have a winter getaway in the works.

  • Clear aligners
  • Always wanted braces but didn’t want the metal mouth look? Clear aligners can help many people get the straighter teeth they want, and they are eligible under FSA plans, as well as limited care FSAs designed for those who are also covered by an HSA plan. Give yourself or a family member the gift of a bright smile!

  • Designer sunglasses
  • If you or a family member already wear prescription glasses, up your style game this holiday season with a pair of prescription sunglasses using your FSA funds. Even many coveted designer-brand frames can be customized with a prescription from an eye doctor. Talk about “looking” good!

Looking for more options? If none of these ideas match up with your holiday shopping list, many online retailers allow shoppers to filter by FSA eligibility so it’s easy to find options that are eligible for reimbursement by a flexible spending account.

When it comes to getting the most out of a flexible spending account, tools like Workterra’s handy FSA Calculator can help your employees decide how much to save next plan year to meet their needs without the rush to spend the rest at year end.

With 30 years in the industry, Workterra has developed unmatched expertise in administering Section 125 (FSA) plans. Schedule a meeting today to learn more about how we can alleviate the burden of benefits administration for your HR team.

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