Your Clients’ Benefits Administration Software: Is it time for an upgrade?

Shortlister hosted Ben Yomtoob, President of Workterra Benefits Administration and a former HR and Benefits Tech Consultant at Gallagher, and Cole Koning, National Vice President at UnitedHealthcare Specialty Benefits. They shared insights learned from Workterra and UnitedHealthcare’s long-standing partnership on how flexibility is the key for ben admin platforms to support voluntary benefit products, and four focus points of a ben admin provider evaluation that impact success the most.
View the webinar recording here, or read the recap below!

  • UnitedHealth Group & Workterra’s Partnership: OnlinEnroll

    Since 2011, Workterra has been UnitedHealthcare’s exclusive benefits administration and enrollment tech partner, powering UHC’s OnlinEnroll solution to deliver a highly flexible solution to UHC brokers and clients.

    • UHC Specialty subsidy program for unique discounts to OnlinEnroll clients at up to no cost
    • Pre-built integrations for seamless transition and easy implementations in under 60 days
    • 100% of OnlinEnroll clients report being satisfied with over 95% reporting as "highly satisfied"

  • Why it’s more important than ever to have a "best-fit" ben admin provider

    Effectively evaluating a benefits administration provider can be daunting for HR, and it’s often difficult to determine when to make a change. While it may be tempting to hold off on a formal evaluation, it’s more important than ever for companies to ensure a best-fit benefits administration partner is in place, especially amid COVID-19 tailwinds.

    Here are some of the main reasons why:

    • Benefits are top of mind for employees amid COVID-19.
    • Shift to remote work has placed HR tech at front and center of employee experience.
    • Talent competition and rehiring efforts make onboarding efficiency and experience critical.
    • Sticking with the status quo costs employers more than they think.

  • 4 evaluation focus points that impact success the most:

    Here are four evaluation focus points that impact the success of a ben admin provider/client relationship the most:

    1. Flexibility and Agility – In addition to great tech, it’s critical for a partner to be extremely responsive to clients’ strategic initiatives. A highly flexible and intuitive system like Workterra helps employees navigate the voluntary or supplemental benefits offerings.

    2. Service and Support – Great tech still needs great humans that support it to optimize success. At Workterra, each client gets a dedicated client executive who oversees all support. They can also get a dedicated EDI specialist who understands the pitfalls of any carrier feeds.

    3. Ongoing Administration – One of the most important points of an evaluation is to focus on problem solving, not features. While features are great, the capability that will always have the most value to your bottom line is whether they are willing and able to problem solve.

    4. Employee Satisfaction – The most important opinion in any evaluation should be the employees who are using the system. Core components of a great employee experience include:
      • Familiar, consumer-like shopping experience that allows employees to review and compare plans
      • Intuitive navigation with minimal clicks
      • Easy access to multi-media education, documents and HR communications all in one place
      • Self-service benefits dashboard where employees can manage and access benefits information

  • Meet Workterra

    Workterra’s unmatched system flexibility and first-class service provides brokers and consultants with an ideal ben admin & enrollment solution for even their most complex employer groups. Workterra serves employers from 250 employees to over 25,000 employees across the U.S.

    To learn more about Workterra or schedule an introduction, email

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