Administrative Services

Since 1987, Workterra has been providing benefits services to some of the top organizations throughout the United States. We are continuously working to expand both our service and product menus as the needs of our clients evolve.

Flexible Spending Accounts
COBRA Administration

COBRA Administration Services Include:

  • Processing qualifying event notices exceeding the industry requirement of 14 days
  • Collection of payments and remitting premiums to the carrier and/or the client
  • Daily eligibility submissions (enrollments / terminations) to the carriers
  • Automated data transfer of qualifying events to reduce keying
  • Processing general (initial) rights notices
  • Online COBRA system for the employer and participants
  • Retiree administration within the same online COBRA system (if requested)
  • A bilingual call center

Implementation Process


  • Kick-off meeting
  • Implementation Manager Assigned


Rates, carrier contact information, and participant census are required 45 days prior to takeover date.


  • Transition to Account Management team
  • Participants will receive a welcome packet from Workterra complete with coupons, and instructions on how to login online.

Additional Information

  • General Rights notices (for those newly enrolled in benefits) are processed once a month. Specific Rights notices (for those who have experienced a qualifying event) are processed daily. Both notices can either be entered direct into the online COBRA system by the client or delivered to Workterra with the data specifications provided during implementation.
  • Preferred Payment Method: Workterra prefers to remit payment to carrier since we hold the responsibility of managing eligibility. As such, during the ARRA period Workterra will bill the client on the last day of the month for their 65% of the COBRA costs. Combined with the participants’ 35%, Workterra can then send the full payment to the carrier.
  • Termination letters are sent to the participants and carriers between the 10th and 20th of each month for previous month of non-payment.

Online System

Our online COBRA system allows clients to login and view their account at anytime. Along with viewing participant information such as demographics, event data and payment history, clients can run reports at anytime in real-time. Some of the standard reports are the:

  • Member Status report – Includes everyone who has been notified regardless if they are enrolled, are terminated or are still within their 60-day window.
  • Paid Through report – Includes everyone who is currently enrolled on COBRA who is paid-through at least the previous month.
  • AEI Taken report – Shows everyone who the client has deemed eligible for the subsidy, those who have attested that they are eligible and who have paid their 35% for a particular month. This report provides the amount used for tax-credit purposes.

Our online COBRA system also provides participants the ability to login and view their account. They can review payment information (last received and next due) and coverage information (plans and critical dates). Upon election, participants are provided a login letter with instructions on how to obtain access to their account.

All participant communications sent by Workterra are housed within the online system. You can view all communications on a participant level as can they upon login. All communications can be printed from that location.