Administrative Services

Since 1987, Workterra has been providing benefits services to some of the top organizations throughout the United States. We are continuously working to expand both our service and product menus as the needs of our clients evolve.

Commuter Benefits
Commuter Benefits

Workterra began administering Commuter Benefits as an employer-paid benefit in 1996. When the IRS passed regulations under IRC 132 in 1998, we began administering the Commuter Benefits as an employee-paid pre-tax benefit. One thing that has held steady throughout the years is the knowledge and trust we have in our administrators.

Our full Commuter Benefit administrative services include:

  • Offering voucher & transit pass distribution, debit card and cash reimbursements
  • Daily claim reimbursements via check or direct deposit
  • Ability to fax and / or mail all claim submissions
  • Online system to access balance and claim information
  • Mobile Appplication
  • A bilingual call center fully-staffed with helpful representatives

Debit Cards (optional)

  • If the debit card option is chosen, funds are loaded onto the card on a monthly basis by the first of each month (this would be the same process if the Transit Pass method is chosen). If vouchers are the method chosen, the participants chose their denominations and they are sent to their homes each month by the 1st of the month. With cash reimbursement, participants are sent funds either via direct deposit or paper check for the amount of their received claim not to exceed the monthly IRS limit.
  • If an employee is enrolled in both Transit and Parking and the debit card option has been chosen, they will receive one debit card loaded with the elections of both accounts. The card is coded to know which account to deduct the funds for the expense.

Implementation Process


  • Kick-off meeting
  • Implementation Manager Assigned


A participant census including elections is required 30-days prior to takeover date. If the takeover date is mid-plan year, we also require each participants’ account balance.


  • Transition to Account Management team
  • Participants will receive a welcome packet from Workterra complete with claim form, direct deposit form, and instructions for obtaining access to our online system.