Administrative Services

Since 1987, Workterra has been providing benefits services to some of the top organizations throughout the United States. We are continuously working to expand both our service and product menus as the needs of our clients evolve.

Flexible Spending Accounts
Invoice Reconciliation

Workterra performs secure and accurate reconciliation accounting services for tens of thousands of participants on a daily basis. Our benefit reconciliation team acts as a point of contact with vendors and carriers managing enrollment, employee and employer contributions, and vendor payments. Workterra identifies and reports data and premium issues to carriers and employers, thus reducing or eliminating the loss of premium by overpayment that can occur when managing multiple vendors.

Standard Workterra Invoice Reconciliation Services:

  • Receive and upload benefit enrollment information.
  • Receive and process election of benefits (new hire), terminations, and changes.
  • Receive and process employer and employee contributions every pay period, including adjustments.
  • Prepare and communicate discrepancies between enrollment (expected) and payroll (received).
  • Compare payroll with invoice from carrier.
  • Prepare and communicate discrepancies between payroll and invoice.
  • Notify carrier of benefits, new hires, enrollment changes, and end of eligibility (including COBRA).
  • Tracking and notification of all carrier payments made.
  • Receive and process premium payments for members outside of payroll.

Our online COBRA system also provides participants the ability to login and view their account. They can review payment information (last received and next due) and coverage information (plans and critical dates). Upon election, participants are provided a login letter with instructions on how to obtain access to their account.

All participant communications sent by Workterra are housed within the online system. You can view all communications on a participant level as can they upon login. All communications can be printed from that location.

Additional Information

  • General Rights notices (for those newly enrolled in benefits) are processed once a month. Specific Rights notices (for those who have experienced a qualifying event) are processed daily. Both notices can either be entered direct into the online COBRA system by the client or delivered to Workterra with the data specifications provided during implementation.
  • Preferred Payment Method: Workterra prefers to remit payment to carrier since we hold the responsibility of managing eligibility. As such, during the ARRA period Workterra will bill the client on the last day of the month for their 65% of the COBRA costs. Combined with the participants’ 35%, Workterra can then send the full payment to the carrier.
  • Termination letters are sent to the participants and carriers between the 10th and 20th of each month for previous month of non-payment

Process & Setup

  • Employer will provide Workterra with all plan information.
  • Employer to provide Workterra with enrollment information including names, unique ID (social security number or employee ID), address, date of hire, date of birth, any enrolled dependents and the elections for each benefit.
  • Upon receipt of all data, Workterra will enter all information into our bill reconciliation and management system.
  • Workterra will also contact all carriers, set-up billing and reconciliation meetings, produce a billing calendar for payments and create procedures for adding and deleting participants, etc.
  • Workterra will reconcile and remit payments to carriers.
  • Workterra will collect enrollment information on all plans on a regular basis through electronic files.
  • Our billing specialists will create a consolidated billing statement each month and forward in an electronic format to the employer.
  • Upon collection of payment from the employer, Workterra will reconcile the payment and remit payment to the carriers with the required payment detail.
  • Workterra will send a final report to the employer each month, including copies of all bills and reconciliation statements.
  • Employer will send eligibility reports that include termination, leave of absence and new hire information on a scheduled basis to be agreed upon during implementation.
  • Any employees who are having billing or eligibility issues can call the Workterra call center. Our bilingual call center is fully staffed with helpful representatives. Our call center is open 8AM – 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday