Simplifying HCM: Continuing the Conversation

03 November 2016

Many of you joined us for our September webinar, “Simplifying HCM: How to Choose the Right System for Your Growing Needs.” We took a deep dive into some of the frustrations and challenges that come with many of today’s HCM solutions and talked about how many solutions claim flexibility, but for the most part have failed to deliver on their promise. We discussed the changing state of the industry and how to figure out what solutions are out there, which ones are truly integrated and configurable, and how to choose the solution that works best for your company.

We answered a lot of great questions from our audience. However, we didn’t have time to get to them all. So we’d like to continue the conversation here and address those questions.

(If you missed the webinar but would still like to listen to this discussion, we have a recording available for download here, along with many other resources to guide you as you navigate the HCM software space.)

What Does Fully Configurable Really Mean?

Several of our audience members asked for more details about the configurability of Workterra and what the process would be for updating their system. In other words: What does “configurable” really mean?

A truly flexible HCM solution will accommodate the unique requirements of any organization, no matter how simple or complex its HR processes are. Many solutions claim to offer full configurability, but the fact that Workterra is the proprietary owner of its technology means that when a company needs to make changes, we can make those changes correctly, quickly, and tailored exactly to your needs. And 99 percent of the time, we can make those modifications without any coding or fees. Finally, when you make updates to your Workterra system, you won’t need consultants and will have full control of eligibility down to the field level.

Additionally, Workterra’s configurability extends to its system security and user rights. Most companies have different end users and administrators, which requires different accommodations and security for each of those users. Our system can be configured to work for the different types of users at your company and their unique roles.

Does Workterra Integrate with Payroll and Other Systems?

Several of our listeners had questions about payroll and available integrations with Workterra. This is a great question; we all know just how much time and effort are often wasted dealing with inefficient payroll systems, and the capability to integrate with the rest of your HCM technologies should be a priority.

The good news is Workterra offers full integration with payroll solutions, so you can enter data in one place, one time, with one login — the same way you access all of our other features. Our system prioritizes the user, making it simple for the coordination of different departments, HR, payroll, corporate accounts, benefit plan administrators, and benefit providers to work effectively.

How Does Workterra Do It?

Some of you may still be wondering how this flexibility and configurability actually plays out in the real world. You want to see where the rubber meets the road, and in light of all the HCM solutions making grand claims with no substance, we don’t blame you.

One of our many success stories is our work with Austin Industries. When the company decided to modernize its benefits enrollment and administration system, its main priority was finding a solution that would provide the flexibility to fit its unique culture. As Chris Hallman, benefits manager at Austin Industries, said, “We wanted to work with a company that fits our culture, that could address our need for customization because of how we operate — rather than a Mercer or Aon [Hewitt] that would want to make it work within their guidelines. We wanted to have more of a family feel.”

We have many examples of how Workterra has succeeded in simplifying HCM. If you’d like to read more about Austin Industries, or any of our other work, we have all of our case studies available on our website. Take a look around and please let us know if you have any questions.

We’re Ready for a Unified HCM Solution. Now What?

SaaS for HCM has incredible potential, but so far, most HCM solutions are simply not delivering. Workterra wants not only to simplify, but transform, your company’s HCM processes. And with our unified suite of HCM applications, fully configurable platform, and the ability to deliver true technological flexibility to companies of any size — we are ready to do just that. Visit Workterra today to learn more.

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