Transform Your Recruiting — Start the New Year Right

17 January 2017

Coming off the holiday season and heading into 2017 the competition for talent might be lower than usual, but things will definitely ramp up once the excitement of the new year dies down. So among your list of things to do, make sure your recruiting strategy is set up for success. Now is the ideal time to prepare and equip yourself with everything you need to make sure you’re recruiting at the top of your game in 2017, which means equipping yourself with the most effective recruiting technology available.

This year, don’t think of technology as merely a box to check, but as a way to make your recruiting process more efficient and successful. It’s important to find recruiting technology that provides a single platform for applicant tracking; job publishing, sharing, and sourcing; pre-screening and interview management; reports and analytics; and the candidate dashboard.

The right recruiting technology will do more than automate and take your processes to the cloud. It will actually provide strategic advantages as you compete for talent in the new year.

These advantages include:

1. Decreased time to hire. The pressure to make enticing offers and close the deals with top talent will be intense, so your technology should be able to ensure that everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Your recruiting application should be a single unified point of access, so you can approve requisitions, schedule interviews, review applications, and pre-screen candidates easily and efficiently.

2. Increased talent pool. Finding candidates with the right skills has never been more difficult, and as everyone’s recruiting departments jump into the game with guns blazing, you need to make sure you’re casting your net wide and reaching all the potential candidates you can. Your recruiting software should be able to seamlessly integrate with social networks and job boards to give your company the widest reach possible. And you should capitalize on the social media habits of your current employees by enabling them to easily share and talk about job postings with their online social networks.

3. Increased collaboration. Don’t let miscommunication or inefficient workflows restrict your chances of finding and securing the best candidates for your company. Make sure your recruiting software fosters productive collaboration among all people involved in the hiring process — recruiters, hiring managers, employees, and candidates. They should be able to easily initiate discussions, share notes, assign tasks, and track applicants from start to finish, allowing you to hire the perfect employee before your competitors get to them first.

With this kind of empowering technology as the foundation of your recruiting strategy, imagine how much you could accomplish next year. Regain control of the entire recruiting life cycle and offer applicants a more convenient way to apply and monitor their status. This technology is available, and you can harness it today. If you’re ready to take this step toward winning the talent war, look no further than Workterra to transform your recruitment process in 2017.

Workterra Recruit is designed to empower you to find and select the top candidates to set your organization ahead of the competition. And what’s more — our highly configurable proprietary technology utilizes a single unified platform for all of your HCM needs, going beyond recruiting to onboarding, benefits administration, wellness, and ACA compliance. Don’t settle for technology that holds you back. Empower your company to hire faster, better, and more efficiently.

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