What Millennials Really Want From a Job — and What That Means for Your HCM System

14 April 2016

Brace yourself: New proof is in that millennials want more than just a paycheck from their jobs.

When the National Society of High School Scholars asked 18,000 Americans, ages 15 to 29, to rank their ideal future employer (from a list of 200), it wasn’t surprising that Google, Apple, and Facebook were high on the list. All three companies offer a strong sense of innovation and philanthropy, and both of those traits are extremely important to millennials in the workplace. However, some of the other entries on the list might surprise you.

Surprisingly, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the CIA, NSA, and FBI appeared high up on the list. Surveys have continually found that millennials want to work for companies that value employee welfare, flexible scheduling, and a sense of purpose. Millennials also want to work for companies that offer what The New York Times called in its article about the study, “a rich, textured life now ...” and the opportunity fulfill their desire to make a difference in the world.

There are no two ways about it: Millennials, who currently make up a third of the workplace and are expected to occupy half of the workforce by 2020, want a job where their needs are taken seriously. What can your company do to make sure it is millennial-friendly? Companies that want to attract and retain the best of these young workers need an HCM solution with tools and programs that appeal to these desires — from your career portal to the way you position employee benefits. Workplaces must understand millennials’ needs in order to thrive, and there is no better place to start than with a company’s HCM processes.

So, what features should your HCM solution offer millennials to appeal to their needs? Here are a few thoughts.

Millennials want to share on social media. With 91 percent of millennials on Facebook alone and 62 percent visiting company social media sites to learn more about jobs, it’s safe to say that social media is a big player with this age group. Workterra’s recruiting tool allows for easy social integration and enables employees to easily share job postings with their social networks and refer qualified candidates.

Millennials want their company to engage with them. As the least-engaged generation in the workplace, millennials need their company to come to them. Workterra focuses on employee engagement with its personalized OnBoarding tours, which are designed to engage employees even before their first day. The OnBoarding tours allow users to create personalized welcome messages, add videos showcasing the company’s culture, connect with colleagues, and review and sign important documents.

Millennials want to be able to make their own choices. With 72 percent of millennials wanting to be their own boss, it’s clear that they want to make decisions for themselves. Workterra’s HR admin self-service and employee self-service tools offer personalized dashboards, decision support and enhanced communication to engage employees in the benefit election process.

Millennials want a healthy workplace. More than half of millennials said they prefer a work environment that has a positive influence on their health and that they are open to having a direct manager play an active role in encouraging them to stay healthy. We’ve already talked about how healthy living incentives are on the rise and how Workterra Wellness can benefit your company, but it’s worth repeating: Our features create better and healthier lives for employees, and that’s something millennials can get behind.

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